Thursday, 4 December 2014

Welcome To Pratham Sarvatra 2014 32 BIT Edition

Pratham Sarvatra 2014 32 BIT Desktop / Laptop Edition became available for Download on 28th Nov 2014.

The download link is

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This POST will address interaction related to all pre/post Installation issues,questions,comments & suggestions.

I will address few questions already asked in the few days since release.

Q1) What exactly is this version based on ?

A) It is a rolling Linux, based on Debian 7.0 "Wheezy" release.

Remastered to suite the Stage II vision.

In a Rolling Distro, the OS need not be uninstalled... like ever...

Updates and Upgrades can be regularly implemented to keep the system in sync.

Just like old XP...Patches used to run and Updates status would become green...  :(

Q2) Why do I mention that Microsoft killed Windows XP ?

A) Microsoft was a great company & Windows XP SP3 is the best operating system of all time.

A complete generation has grown beside it.And it still runs on millions of systems worldwide,some mission critical like banks,hospitals,civil services etc...

This company was famous for pioneering products.Visual Studio 2010 is one such example...masterclass in itself and many others.

Somewhere down the line they just went into terminal decline...either because of Google / Apple rise or self inflicted.The business policy changed to acquisitions like Skype,Nokia or draconian licensing policies along with mindless spree of Version releases of products to keep the fuel coming...All consuming Hydra, buy out or crush...It doesn't matter what people want or expect,just shove them a new version of everything,change some css,tweak a little bit here and there and shove it down people's throat..Certifications to books to software everything unnecessarily expires every year and new heads popup.Just to stay updated has become a nightmare...bugs galore cannot be even talked about...

It has come to a point where as if to keep Microsoft's business running, users have to compromise on their own...Sorry guys enough is enough...this will not be tolerated.

So on April 8, 2014 even after numerous requests by users worldwide against doing so,they just switched off XP on personal whim.

If this is not cold-blooded..what else is??

And now there is more to come in Windows 7.At least I am over it for good.

Q3) Why is the installer console / script based ?

A) It is already communicated that this edition is a part of Stage -II (Inter-Dependence).

Read more about it on

Stage -III will have all indigenous parts developed.As such, work is already under way to create a Boot Screen replacing Slim/Plymouth.

Combined & Concurrent to it is the development of a GUI Installer based on either java or python...This will be replacing any debian based installer and become the base for all future releases of Pratham as well as AryaLinux (

So work is in progress and will be available in future editions...